Welcome! to a promising pharmaceutical manufacturing company from India.

Astral is in the business of making quality medicines and promoting the brands ethically

Astral as a team work efficiently to provide quality pharma products within commited time period at a most competitive rates to their global customers.

Our Major Products

Acelomol- [B-1]

Aciclovir Tabs- [G-1]

Artesunate- [D-3]

Astragel- [B-2A]

Astramal- [B-3]

Citrocal- [C-2A]

Golden Mood- [T-2]

Lozalot- [C-6]

Mecozino- [C-5]

Minoxazole- [K-1]

Peak-50- [S-6]

Peak-100- [S-1]

Sil-100- [S-21]


Sildenafil Tabs 1x10- [S-43]

Sildenafil V-Tabs- [S-28]

Sildenia- [1x10] [S-45]

Sildenia- [S-2]

Sildenia Tabs- [S-2A]

Tadalafil Mini Tabs- [T-26]

Tadalafil Tabs- [T-1]

Tadazino- [T-1]

Venaccra- [S-5a]

Verdena- [V-3]

Wingel - [ A-1]
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